More Stories of Pussification

What the hell is going on with parents today? I really want to know. Everybody has moments of weakness and gives in to their kid occasionally, but I’m talking about peeps that let their kids run the whole fucking SHOW these days. For the love of the sweet baby Jesus in a manger, the foolishness I see when I am out amongst the populace is remarkable in its depth and breadth of stupidity. Peeps think our country is going to hell in a hand basket because of the republicans. Or the democrats. Or because of global warming, lack of religious conviction, welfare queens, racism, gay rights, all that shit. I submit that it is going to hell because of the Pussification of a Nation. And here is my fucking evidence because this is all scientific and shit.

  1. Stop with the digital crap. Buy your kid a god damn book or some paper and crayons. When I look up from my food at an upscale resturant to see three small boys, barely out of diapers, playing on iPhones, I want to PUKE. Your kids can learn to converse and sit still without iPads and iPhones. The reason that same parent was walking around cutting up the kid’s pancakes instead of eating her hot meal, was because the kids are too busy playing a damn video game at dinner to learn how to use a knife and a fork together. Stop that shit. You are fucking up if you are a parent buying your eight year old an iPhone or iPad for Christmas instead of a Harry Potter book. Just don’t do it.
  2. Listen up… do you have a DVD player in your car for the kids? Do us all a favor and cut the damn thing’s wires. You don’t need that shit unless you are going on a fucking cross-country adventure. Talk to your kids, point shit out, what color is that, what shape is that, play car tag bingo, I Spy, and punch buggy or tell them to READ A DAMN BOOK. Teach ‘em something yourself before bellowing about how crappy the schools and teachers are. You might actually find out that your little nine month gift certificate is quite entertaining if you talk to them about stuff.
  3. Do not leave your damn kids for me to discipline. Seriously, you do not want that action. If you leave me a row of 11-12 year old girls that sit behind me at a basketball game to shriek and act stupid, I’m gonna give them a hard way to go. I raised two girls and they never acted that stupid and insipid because I would have slapped the shit out of them. Those girls spent the whole game leaping around, throwing trash and popcorn, and shrieking at funny cat videos on their… wait for it… IPHONES the entire fucking time. I told them to shut up and watch the game. The hilarious guy that talks smack about opposing players and refs with me at every game, told them to shut up and watch the game too, as did every other adult around. It got bad enough that I had hubs take drastic action. He let a couple of silent killers go. It smelled like a baby diaper that had been sitting out in the sun. The girls all blamed each other while we were cracking up. We figured the lack of oxygen would either make them pass out or leave.
  4. Dumbest shit I’ve heard in awhile… a parent whining that her kid doesn’t like turkey so she doesn’t make turkey for Thanksgiving. Are you shittin’ me, woman?! A five year old is menu planning for you? FUCK THAT. I’d laugh in his face and tell him to eat what I fix or go hungry. What happened to telling your kids about all the starving children in {insert country of choice here}? Oh wait, your little pussy is too busy playing with that iPhone instead of reading a fucking book to learn that there is a whole damn world out there that does not revolve around them.
  5. Get this… the pussification continues on into college with these kids. What do you expect with kids raised by technology, given “participation” trophies for sports, were always told they were the smartest and best, and for the most part have never stumbled or had a hardship? That’s right, they are even bigger pussies when they leave the nest, and mommy and daddy continue to support little Johnny no matter what the little shit is up to at college. They blame Johnny’s drinking not on Johnny, but on the lack of “supervision” at college… are you fucking insane?! Your kid is (mostly) 18 years old and a legal adult for most purposes and you want someone at college to give them a curfew and make sure they don’t get black out drunk every weekend? Um yeah… not the school’s job. These same parents whine and moan about their kid not getting the classes they need to graduate on time and start calling the dean and shit. Guess what? It’s a dog eat dog world out there and if your kid is just figuring that, you can blame your damn self and not the “system”. STFU.

If you just got done reading this and thinking that you might have fallen into the pussification hole (pun intended), there is still time to crawl out and grow a pair. Take that iPad that you bought your eight year old for Christmas back to the store. Buy them some nice books and toys so that their imaginations can run. Stop letting your kids run your damn life and making them the center of the universe. If you read this blog post and think it is “mean” and “harsh” then obviously I’m talking to YOU, you pussy, and it’s probably too late.


Is this a real book? I must investigate…


25 thoughts on “More Stories of Pussification

  1. Amen! What’s gonna happen when the zombie apocalypse comes and all the young’ins have to fend for themselves? And for those taking this all too damn seriously, a little chillin’ might be a good idea. 😉

  2. I was in a public rest room yesterday…mom, 2 girls. The mom was frickin singing the ABC song while the girls washed their hands…and THEN made them use hand sanitizer on the way out…not technology but land the whirlybird mom….

    • Well Steve, first off why are you in a girls restroom????
      Second, if you ever pay attention to any parenting information it says that your kids are supposed to wash their hands for the length of the ABC song.
      Third, since when does paying attention to your kids and singing to them make you a whirlybird parent???

      • Well, since I pee sitting down, I go to the girls restroom. These girls were more than capable of singing the song themselves and I guess you had to be there to see the whirlybird…why so defensive and which grinch took your sense of humor for Christmas 😀

  3. Well I tend to agree with a lot of what you said, vulgar language and all, but there are always circumstances you don’t know.
    1. Kids should never have electronic devices out at meals. Except for kids that need it to communicate (Autistic, non-verbal, and any other types that qualify)
    2. Responsible kids CAN have cell phones for certain reasons. I got my 9 & 10 year old boys cell phones, mind you they were the plain one’s nothing special, because they had several friends around the neighborhood that didn’t have phones. Plus the local playground didn’t have one either. It was the only way I could get a hold of them and they could keep me apprised of where they were going.
    3. I’m the BIGGEST advocate of books that there is. I constantly read; have since I was a child. But there is nothing wrong with using a electronic device for a book instead of a paperback. I personally prefer the paperback/hardbacks, but the stores are all going out of business and it’s impossible to get books locally.
    4. My 7 year old boy is mostly non-verbal and he uses an iPad to communicate with.
    5. Okay maybe a few pre-teen girls are giggling at a basketball game, maybe it was annoying, but at least they were doing something ( I want to say constructive because they aren’t causing mischief, doing drugs, at alcohol parties, or ending up in jail. So I guess not constructive but not bad either) that is keeping them out of trouble and off the streets. If it bothered you that bad, MOVE.
    6. I talk to my kids everyday! We talk over meals and after school and when we watch a few cartoons before bedtime. I also have a tv in the truck for my kids on trips because I would rather pay attention to the idiot drivers then looking around to play I Spy on something we will be driving past in a minute anyway. My kids safety is more important to me than some stupid game. Now they play it amongst themselves and that’s encouraged!
    7, So tell me, you hypothetically hate Peas, do you still make them or do you get a different vegetable for dinner? Just because it is popular to have turkey for thanksgiving doesn’t mean it’s a must. Now if the kid wouldn’t eat anything or had several different things that they didn’t like for a short time, I would make them eat it anyway or starve for the night. I’m not Burger King, you can’t get it your way; at least not all the time. But everybody has some food that they don’t like and making them eat it’s proving your a good parent, it’s ignorant!
    8. I do agree with your last example though! We are so busy trying not to hurt the kids feelings that we aren’t preparing them for the real world, we are actually hurting them.

    • 1.Ok, no one is saying that an autistic/non verbal child shouldn’t have the latest advancements in electronic technology for communication/learning. That completely misses the point. Kids don’t need to have electronics at the dinner table to occupy them. Here’s another news bulletin … if they can’t sit still at home through a dinner, they will not be able to do it out at a restaurant either. PRACTICE AT HOME!!
      2.Yes, the world has changed and kids need cell phones for a variety of reasons at younger ages. That does not mean that they have to become an appendage at all times of the day.
      3.Agree that reading is reading.
      4.See point 1.
      5.Strongly disagree, causing everyone around you misery at a public place is not constructive. How do you know that they weren’t already high? Causing trouble at a game is not “keeping out of trouble”. Uh, I should move. Ever heard of assigned seats at a game/concert event?
      6.Long trips in the car, okay. Every minor trip, not okay. Kids need to learn to occupy themselves sometimes, that is a valuable skill for life.
      7.I’m not for force feeding a child food that they hate, but I am also not going to alter my entire menu because a kid doesn’t like a particular food. Make some sort of simple turkey substitute for the one kid and let everyone else have their Thanksgiving meal. Also, studies show that when kids are exposed to a “new” food, after several exposures, they often begin to like it. Force feed – NO, but you might find that after a while, when everyone else is eating and enjoying the turkey, the kid will, of his own volition, start to eat it at some point.

    • I still believe you are making excuses . . . DVD to keep them busy so you can concentrate on driving . . . the kids should be well behaved enough in a vehicle so that you can drive, it’s your job to teach them those behaviors that are acceptable and NOT acceptable. We played the I Spy game, the alphabet game etc, in the car all the time when our daughter was younger and it did not detract from our driving!
      I disagree on the book thing . . . teach your children how NOT to use electronics! Go to a library, check out a book, be responsible for keeping it in good condition until you can return it (and not lose it)!
      Kids need to learn what it’s like to be responsible and how to behave in public. Being a nuisance at a game, movie, etc. is NOT OK! I was just recently at a movie premiere with a bunch of girl scouts (who are suppose to leave a place cleaner than when they got there) and one girl was throwing candy/popcorn, a mom kept using her cell phone (she was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME), one mom who did not get there early enough, wanted to rearrange everyone’s seating so she could sit next to all of her friends and on and on. Be responsible, behave and know that you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes being patient is difficult, but we need to teach our children that not everything is easy!

      • You can claim I’m making excuses all you like, but I have a disabled child that has to go to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital at least 3-4 times a month which is a 3.5 hour drive. We are on interstates and toll roads, in good weather and bad. This has been happening since he was 3 and had to have a cervical spine fusion surgery and he just turned 7. Nick was in a halo for 9 months, then in a Minerva for another 8. His head was held forward at all times. So if I want to let him watch movies in the car for those trips and it makes me a bad parent so be it. It made him happy and made the car trips easier for him to deal with.
        Reading is Reading! I personally prefer books and don’t use electronics. We go to the library every week. My kids prefer to read on an electronic and it isn’t worth the struggle to make them stop and risk them deciding they don’t want to read anymore.
        I don’t agree with acting out at a movie or something like that. But I know that being a teenage girl makes you act giggly and annoying at a ball game, but it’s their school/friends. I have no proof that they didn’t get high beforehand but it’s highly unlikely they would go to a school function that way, most kids getting high don’t go to places like that. You feel that it’s okay for your friend to make comments about the game, but not for teenagers to talk during a game just sounds wrong and 2-faced to me.
        And sometimes it isn’t always about the kids being well-behaved in car or not but just to let them have a privilege for their positive behavior. Sometimes you just want to let your kids do something fun. They watch t.v. at home too, I don’t feel the need to be up their ass every minute of every day to talk to me. Goodness I would be exhausted! I like to read myself and if I was talking to my kids constantly I wouldn’t be able. Plus I like to read and read blogs online my kids have things they like to do too.

  4. I definitely understand the frustration of where this author is coming from; I totally agree. But its all about moderation. Speaking as a teacher; I obviously support education and the love for reading. Reading is a must. But you can’t deprive your children of technology either. Whether or not; technology is here and here to stay. Children need to learn it and be prepared for the world or you will be holding them back. They can’t have a job without it and they can’t even get through school without it. Starting next year; state tests will all be required to take on the computer. They must know how to use them! And yes by 8 years old..that is a second grader and they are required to state test. But of course that doesn’t mean you allow your child to be glued to it all day or bring it to the restaurant. Family quality time is a must. My point is; is that you can’t be extreme about it also and just say NO. And you cant always go with how things were when you; yourself was a child. Face it; times have changed. Deal with! And until your child has a job; a cellphone is not needed! Parents stop being lazy and do your job!

    • I never implied that kids shouldn’t use technology. They do indeed need to understand how and when to use it and I think many parents are failing at teaching those boundaries. That is what this post is pointing out. My problem is using technology as a first line “toy” in place of tactile experiences and learning how to properly interact in a given social setting. Technology is a tool and a means to an end. Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

  5. Preach it, Sista!! Our 14 and 11 year old girls are constantly on us to get them phones…our response? When you can afford to pay the monthly bill you are welcome to get one, until then, too bad, so sad. They think they are the so hard done by, too, and we don’t care. Maybe they will learn to take care of them and show some responsibility if they buy them their damn selves!

  6. 1000 years ago, you didn’t have fancy schmancy books! Stories had to be told verbally. Parents who give their kids a book are pussies and their kids are pussies too! Oh, wait, this author recommends books. Books are TECHNOLOGY, you pussy! Maybe it is old technology, but still technology. Perhaps if you weren’t an idiot, you’d know that.

    • So am I supposed to be consumed with rage because you called me an idiot? Yawns… As for books being technology, um.. just hell to the NO, buddy. If you want to go pick a fight you’re barking up the wrong blog.

  7. I saw a recent picture of 2 boys at a nice restaurant with their electronic devices and i flew into a rage!! Parents who do this are same parents who will whine and moan when they send their kids to college cause they ‘miss’ them. Try talking to them, it’s amazing the things they can say.

  8. I watched ‘Doc Martin’ on PBS late last night. It was about a mom who was demanding Ritalin for her kid who had been suspended because she was jumping on top of teachers’ cars. The doctor told her to STFU and be a parent. And my husband and I rejoiced that the writers of at least ONE show on television have it right. My son tells me he wants and iPad for Christmas. He’s 11. I’ve told him when he can be responsible for the non-electronic things he already has, we’ll talk. Oh, and he doesn’t have a phone, either. Because that’s how I roll. Power to the non-pussified parents!

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