By Way of Introductions

Dear Reader: I have been railroaded into starting this blog by some of my friends who are under the delusion that anyone out there gives a crap about my insane ramblings. So here I am, at the ledge of cyber space waiting to be pushed into the abyss. My biggest problem right now is that I just spent five minutes looking up the correct spelling of abyss. I’m a horrific speller. If they had a phonetic spelling bee, I’d win as long as my mom wasn’t a fellow contestant. I’m horrific at spelling but she is in a category all her own. More about my mom in later blogs cuz she is one interesting cool cat.

Here is all you need to know about me in order for you to assure yourself you are wasting valuable minutes of your LIFE reading this drivel…. I’m in my fruitless forties, I am married, I have twin daughters that are going off to college this fall, I have three dogs, lots of bills, and I am a sarcastic, wine-swilling, Cube-driving, Apple device lovin’, TV watchin’ lazy ass hippie. If you’re bored enough to read the crap I write, we must be soul sisters. Happy reading, suckers! lolz

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